What is ExtraMenu?

ExtraMenu is a launcher application that adds sub-menu like a tiny StartMenu to Windows taskbar.

Here it is.

Please use this application with Desktop mode.

Use in Tablet mode is not supported.

Why did I make this?

If you pin your favorite application to taskbar endlessly, it becomes less-usability by necessity of scrolling.

I want to solve this problem by grouping icons.

@see this article for more details. (in Japanese)

ExtraMenu is a freeware?

Yes, it is.
Free of charge only for personal use. (not free for commercial use.)

This means only gives you a right to use the software. 'gootara.org' reserves all other rights.

If you want to distribute this application or use as a part of commaercial product, please contact us.

@see 'readme.txt' for more details.

Operating System

Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32/64 bit)

.NET Framework 4.5 or later required.
(Please use latest version with Windows Update)


Please downloadthe zip file from the download button on the upper right, expand it to the appropriate folder, and execute 'ExtraMenuSetup.exe'. (The self-extracting archive format was abolished because it may be misrecognized in Windows Defender etc.).

If the Windows 10 smart screen is enabled, it may take some time for the download to start.

Once ExtraMenu is started, you can delete the extracted file.

Please make sure to download file from 'gootara.org' domain for security. (do not download from other web-site.)

At the first execution,
shortcuts for 'Pin to taskbar'
will be generated automatically.
Right-click any icon then choose
'Pin to taskbar' from Context Menu.

If the SmartScreen warning is shown,
click 'More Info'.

Next, click 'Run anyway'
at your own risk.

Antivirus software warning

Apparently, it seems that this application will be warned by some anti-virus software.

Because this is an unsigned application at all, I could only say that it is false detection, but please do not execute downloaded file if you are worried.

I provided SHA1 and MD5 under the download link, so please use it for check.

You can check the hash value with the following command on Windows.

certutil -hashfile "full path to the downloaded file" SHA1
certutil -hashfile "full path to the downloaded file" MD5

Note: SHA1 is the default, so it can be omitted.

How to pin to taskbar

Choose 'Pin to taskbar' from Windows Explorer's right click Context Menu.

Please be careful not to choose
'Pin to Start'.

Where is the shortcuts?

Choose "Open folder contains shortcut for 'Pin to taskbar'" from Hamburger Menu at the upper-right of the window, or system tray icon's Context Menu.

How to add items?

Choose 'Add Item' from Hamburger Menu at the upper-right of the window, or drop files to the window.

Can't drop file, becase ExtraMenu disappears.

Turn on 'Keep Shown' at the upper-left of the window during to drop files.

Can't drop Store App

To drop Store App directly from StartMenu is not supported.

How to regist Store App:
1. Create Store App's shortcut by drag-n-drop to any folder(e.g. Desktop).
2. Drop shortcut file to ExtraMenu.

Easy way to find application

Use sub-menu 'Add from Special Folders' from Hamburger Menu at the upper-right of the window.

Special folder means 'StartMenu', 'Desktop', 'Taskbar', 'Program Files'.

Which type of files can be registered?

Mainly 'Exe', 'Shortcut' and 'Folder'. Any type of files can register that has 'Open' in Windows Explorer's right-click Context Menu.

Can be nested like folder?

No, it can't be. But the folders can be registered instead.

How to change order

You can change item's order by drag-n-drop.

How to resize window

Drag a grip at the lower-right of the window.

How to delete item

Choose 'Delete' from right-click Context Menu.

Is it possible to pin multiple ExtraMenu to taskbar?

Yes, it's possible. Please choose different id (color) if you want to pin multiple ExtraMenu to taskbar.

If you can't pin ExtraMenu to taskbar normally, reboot Windows at first, then retry it.

How to move ExtraMenu to the free position

You can move ExtraMenu by dragging top of the window. (between 'Keep Shown' and Hamburger Menu button)

Turn off 'Snap to taskbar' from Hamburger Menu if you want to show window at the moved position in next time.

Open ExtraMenu is too slow

Trun on 'Open ExtraMenu Quickly' from Hamburger Menu or system tray icon's Context Menu.

Does not show as full size

With Windows 7, ExtraMenu may not be displayed properly when more than 100% scaling is set in the 'Control Panel' > 'Display'.

If you are using a high-resolution monitor and scaling entire system is required, please use Windows 10.

Window is blinking

Trun off 'Transparent Window' from Hamburger Menu.

Icon has become suddenly rough

Show file chooser dialog by clicking 'Add Item' from Hamburger Menu. Next, choose 'Medium Icons' on file chooser dialog and cancel it. Then execute 'Refresh (Rebuild)' from ExtraMenu's Hamburger Menu.

Maybe system icon cache is the reason of this problem.

After renaming shortcut file on Windows Explorer, menu item no longer works well

Choose 'Refresh (Rebuild)' from Hamburger Menu.

Please do not rename ExtraMenu's shortcut files on Windows Explorer, use 'Rename' in right-click Context Menu of each ExtraMenu's item.

Command-Line Options

For Expert: It's possible to create shortcut for 'Pin to taskbar' by yourself.

You can use following Command-Line Options.

  • -id [id]
    Unique ID. You must specify different ID for each ExtraMenu.
  • -bg [RRGGBB]
    Default background-color with RRGGBB format.
  • -startup
    Do not show window, resident in taskbar only. This option is especially for system startup.
  • -install
    ExtraMenu will startup as same as initial execution. Shortcuts for 'Pin to taskbar' and icon file will generate again.
    Use this option when you accidentally delete shortcuts for 'Pin to taskbar', etc.
    Please do not use this option every time. Just use once when required.

Self-extracting archive format has been abolished.

MD5: 8482c772516e97a597dbad373a44aff8

SHA1: 5a8ca2d125899ec8aad1fe9bd771f32e387f15d7

Improved operation in high resolution environment.
How to check hash value on Windows
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